Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions to help you manage your account online. If you have a question that isn't covered here, please submit a query through the Contact Us section of this site

Your online account will enable you to view your current Electric Ireland energy accounts, view your bills from the last eighteen months, edit your contact & bank details, submit meter readings, make debit/credit card payments.
We will send you an email every 3 months to alert you that your scheduled bill has issued and is available to view. This means that your email address is very important, so if you change your email address please ensure you update your details by going to the My Profile tab on the top of this page and selecting, My Profile, Edit My Profile.
Yes. Our secure-server software encrypts all your personal information including your bank account and debit/credit card number. The encryption process takes the characters you enter and converts them into bits of code that are then securely transmitted over the internet. This encryption process uses SSL (secure sockets layer) which is an industry standard encryption protocol.

Your direct debit payment will be deducted 14 days after the date your bill issues, however if there is an outstanding balance on your account, that balance will be collected 14 days from set up.

Please note: Electric Ireland reserve the right to change our Direct Debit collection date from 14 to 10 days, but we will notify you in advance of doing this.

All accounts registered in your name will automatically appear in your online billing account. If you want to add an additional account where you are not the registered account holder, login to your account online, go to the Account Query section and select Register Additional Account from the drop-down menu. Enter the Contract Account Number of the account you wish to be added. If the names on the accounts are different please note why you wish to add this account in the text box provided and submit your request.
For your records your account online will display any accounts which you hold or held in the past. This allows you to compare your usage over a longer period of time.
You can update your new email address by going to the My Profile tab on the top of this page and selecting, My Profile then Edit My Profile. Update your new email address and select Save Profile. It is important to remember however, that you will still need to log on using the original email address you used to register initially, as this is and will always remain your unique user id (even if you no longer use it as your primary email address).
The online bill is a PDF document and requires the use of Adobe Reader.
You can submit a meter reading at any time, select the account that you are entering the meter reading for. When in the Account Overview screen select the Submit a Meter Reading tab. Enter your reading and Submit.
When in your Account Overview screen, select the Account Query tab.
Go to the Type of Query drop down menu and select Revert back to paper bill. You can enter a comment in the comments box and select Submit.
For data protection reasons and your security you can only register one email address as your username.
You can either pay your bill online by debit/credit card or you can set Direct Debit online. Your bank account will be debited 14 days after the date of issue of each bill.